It All Starts With A Smile

It's been a long while since I made an exploring post. At the beginning of this blog I used to try and have an exploring post every once in a while, till I got addicted to decor and building my own sets. But when I take a picture I always credit the location. Something I've learnt from my dear friend and blogger Tal. When I met her and her blog I used to explore with it. Jumping one Sim to another and finding the beautiful places that got me to want to become a photographer. One of the first places that Tal sent me too was It All Starts With A Smile. I think my very first picture that I liked was taken there and so it the first picture I took playing with wl more and with DOF. 

Since then I got to know that sim and the changes in it. I loved every corner of it and every time there was a seasonal change I got there as soon as possible. For many months the sim was close and now re-opened. So when Tal told me about this I was happy through the roof! In the pictures you can see why...

The landscaping is breath taking. A long beautiful path starched across the sim with many unique romantic peaceful corners to find out about and hide in for a while. A lot of nice colourful findings to see. The high quality is there at every corner including my favourite part of every major photography sim and that is the background noises. The waves crashing at the shore or the wind blowing and the birds singing. It's a place to relax and enjoy. Don't miss a visit there. 

Enjoy :)