You can't always get what you want...

Stringliths:  tarte. ceiling string lights @ N21
Stringlights with Pictures: Cheeky Pea Nile String Light Hangers
Horns: HIDEKI Wooden Horns
Chairs: CIRCA  "Ocean Loft" Chair Teal Tweed
Side Table with Vases: CIRCA   "Ocean Loft" Side Table - with Pottery Vase Trio
Box on the Chair: MadPea  Ex-girlfriend's Junk The Arcade
Coffee Table: CIRCA  "Ocean Loft" Wave Table & Candle Tray
Box on the Table: MadPea  Ex-boyfriend's Junk The Arcade
Newspaper: Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper Shinny Shabby
Tray with Bottle and Cups: Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial Shinny Shabby
Painting: CIRCA  "Ocean Loft" Water Colour Painting - Blue Tide
Side Table with Bowl: CIRCA  "Ocean Loft" Side Table - with Shore Bowl
Rug: CIRCA "Ocean Loft" Bali Area Rug - Sand (In the other room: Blue Grey and Teal)
Curtain: junk. boho curtain.
Eye Chart: HIDEKI  Vintage Eye Chart
Pillow Basket: HIDEKI Pillow Basket
Chest: 8F8 Primavera in Toscana Chest The Arcade
Lamp: Cheeky Pea Phoebe's Birdcage Lamp Shinny Shabby
House: Scarlet Creative Amelie Mansion RARE @ The Arcade


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