And then she'd say, It's okay I got lost on the way But I'm a supergirl And supergirls don't cry

kin: Tir na n'Og Tina skin Milk tone
Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes - Ghost
Hair: Asset Sassy Hair
Eyeliner with lashesJust Magnetized Eyeliner with lashes - set 01
Eye Makeup: Tir na n'Og Smokey eyes glam NEW
Gloss: Tir na n'Og Gloss Overlay NEW
Peircing: Impose Dragonfly Solas Piercings
Necklace: Glint Mens & Womens hemp necklace @ 70's hunt
Outfit: Livid Blasphemy Hoodies & Skirts
Boots: Oddity Overknee Shiffer- Leather Lace
Pose: Eternal Dream Ashleigh
Location: Pigeon Island


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