A hug is like a boomerang - you get it back right away. Bil Keane

This post is not about what I'm wearing. It's not about what decor and furniture I used in a picture, it's not about a beautiful sim. It's about the people of sl, the beauty it can bring, and a little bit of real life. 

August 1st, it was the day I started this blog. It was the day I got back home from the cemetery leaving my beautiful friend Edith there. 2.5 years of a bitter battle with liver cancer came to an end and left a big hole in my heart and my soul. She was a gifted, beautiful, strong most amazing woman I have ever met. Through this fight she always found the time to talk to other people who suffered from the same illness, to cheer them up, to keep their head above the water and be strong. Even after losing her twin sister to the same illness, Edith didn't give up and kept on fighting through the tears and the pain. I am proud and grateful for the time I had her in my life, and she'll be forever in my heart.

Edith used the different communities and organisations in Israel, to contact people like herself, it was a hard choice to make, as she lost so many friends along the way. But, she made that choice to help others. To keep them strong and to keep herself strong. 

There's a beautiful fund raising event for Cancer Society (in the U.S) called Relay For Life

From my chat with Mary Teodosio:
Relay For Life is the signature event of The American Cancer Society.  Relay for Life of SL is in it's 11th year of raising funds for The Society and in those years has raised over 2 million USD.

Relay For Life has been going strong for 30 years. Extending their mission of education, survivor and caregiver support not only in the US but internationally as well.

My work place in SL and my home since I was two month old is the club Muddy's Music Cafe. In the upcoming weekend, Muddy's is going to celebrate life with a carnival for Relay For Life. Bridget Hammill, Muddy's Owner is promising this:
Dunking tank
Feris whell
Kissing booth
Face painting
Boobing ducks
Fun house
Drop tower
Boats and much more...

All the tips and donations will go straight for the Cancer Society. It will be your usual (and unusual fun) mixed with great music and above all a good deed. A mitzva (good deed in Hebrew). Let's go and help people like my friend, let's make this world little bit better.


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