Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater. Roman Polanski

Piano: Apple Fall Dolly Piano Chapter 4
Chair: Pixel Mode - The Sewing Corner  - Windsor Chair Black
Frames on the Piano 1: keke glitter frames KUSTOM9
Vase on the Piano: ARIA Gretchen Peonies in a vase - RARE
Frames on the Piano 2: dust bunny . vintage frames
Heater: oyasumi / oyasumi heater / wood KUSTOM9
Rug: tarte. light clutter rug
Fireplace: Sway's [Valerie] Fireplace . dark
Candles: PILOT Romantic Candlesticks [SILVER, tintable candles] Collabor88 
Cameras With Light Strings: Follow Us Vintage set lights camera
Sign: Serenity Style Old Times Frame
Lights: keke cluster of bulbs - chrome
Single Bulbs: keke bulb stand - copper KUSTOM9
Standing Lamps: Cheeky Pea Lamp Nouveau
Vintage Radio: Willow Home Vintage Radio - Black KUSTOM9
Chair: ISPACHI [Florian] Chair
Radiator: junk. old radiator Collabor88 
Wall Cupboard: 8F8 Granny's Winter Cottage - Wall Cupboard
Small Rug: tarte. messy floor rug Collabor88 
Arm Chairs: Trompe Loeil - Wingback Chair With Pillow Natural
Sofa: ARIA Ophelia three sitter sofa
 Coffee Table: Cheeky Pea Lucille Pallet Coffee Table
Books on the Table: Pixel Mode Writer's Room - Book Stack
Books & Tea: tarte books & tea
Book Pile: Apple Fall Reading Pile
Side Table: Concept Min Table
Phone: tarte. rotary phone
Magic Lantern: Ex Machina La Lumiere - Magic Lantern
Lit Heart Cutain: Ionic Heart Curtain
Curtains: Half-Deer Fairy Curtains [White Set] Collabor88 
Armoire: Apple Fall Victoria's Armoire
Covered Chair: Apple Fall Slipcover Chair (White)
House: Llorisen lils shotgun cottage Collabor88 


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