A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. Benjamin Franklin

Cupboard: 8F8 Granny's Winter Cottage - Cupboard
Counter: Kaerri White Wood Sideboard
Candles: Kaerri White Wood Candles
Roses: Kaerri Cage Roses
Table: Kaerri Wooden Table
Chairs: Kaerri Wooden dining chair Black
Table Cloth: Kaerri Green Table Runner
Vases: Kaerri Group of gerbera vases
Light: Kaerri Rattan Ceiling Light
Rug: Kaerri Heart Rug
Plaque: Kaerri Love Plaque
Pie: 8F8 Granny's Winter Cottage - Apple Pie
House: Scarlet Creative Lavender Brown House

Dear Lavender Brown House it was love at first site. The amount of pictures I took within and outside your walls was amazing. You brought the creativity in my to new limits. With you Lavender Brown House I made it to have a picture of the day on SL's official site. With you I got the most complement and with you I felt just like home. The dream house I want is you. But now it's time to say goodbye for a while. But I know that you're the house I'll keep coming back to. The house of my dreams.


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