Where is my mind?

My interest of sl photography grew through browsing in Tal's blog. At first it wasn't about the fashion, as I was a noob that was just starting her way around. What I used to do was looking at Tal's posts and follow the location links. I started exploring sl like never before and the more I saw, the more I wanted to learn to take pictures. One day I asked Tal to teach me and the rest is history very well documented on my Flickr page... 

When I started this fashion blog I used to post a fashion post followed by a post about the location in the previous post. Since then I started building my own sets, my interest in composing and playing with the amazing decor on sl got bigger but all along I never stopped looking for new places and give the names in the credits along side the other items on my pictures as I so carefully learned from Tal credit to the artist is the main thing on a blog.

I follow two exploring blogs mostly: Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life) and Loverdag´s Second Life Photo Diary, both from Tal's collection of course. Lovedag posts this amazing location and I have to follow by a post of it as well. The location's name is Sense. Simple is that but no, it's not.

Cammino E-Vivo Capovolto is the artist that made this amazing place. The ground look like it is made of newspaper clips scattered around in a maze of letter. Huge statues that you can see in the pictures are all over the place, each makes you stop and wonder. Each statue is powerful and seep in thought, in design, in heart. Around the sim there are game tables with logic games such as Monopoly and Domino's open for visitors to use.

This amazing gallery is showing the most amazing use this platform have and it's art. I would pay a lot of money to see this sim brought to life in a real life scale. It's visionary, it's brilliant. It is simply a work of art that should be applaud not only by us SLers.

I'll finish this post in a bit of a redhead vent. I was exploring this place with a fellow photographer that pointed out a picture he found on flickr of another photographer of the statue of the kissing couple (picture number 3 in this post). That photographer didn't give credit to the artist not the link to the location. He presented it as his work. As a photographer, as a blogger I salute the artists and designers of this crazy grid. Seeing someone not only failing to mention the artist but better yet, allow others to believe that it is his work in my opinion is a shameful thing to do. Dear photographer, in the weak chance that you might be reading this lines: You're picture is amazing. It is beautifully presents that amazing statue. Don't remove it, but please, give the credit this amazing artist or at least point others to his sim. You're picture is a work of art presenting someone's art. Do keep that in mind.

As to those to read my post, tp to Sense. Take your time there, it is a museum and it is beautiful.


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