"There's nothing you could say that would shock me." - Laura Prepon

Skin: Tir na n'Og Tina Milk
Dress: Cheeky Amour Jolly @ New Fresh Style Round starts Wed
Stockings: Izzie's -  Sheer Toeless Stockings

Tree Skirt: Izzie's -  Christmas Tree Skirt (Christmas Gift)
Christmas Tree: HIDEKI Christmas Tree RARE  Shiny Shabby
Twinkle Tree Wall Piece: tarte. twinkle tree @ Famesed
Horns Wallpiece: HIDEKI Wooden Horns  Shiny Shabby
Bed: Apple Fall Old Roman Bed
Deco Shutter: tarte.  repurposed shutter (grey) The Arcade
Stool: tarte.  worn stool (white) The Arcade
Phone: Tres Blah Rotary Phone - Pink
Armoire: Apple Fall Victoria's Armoire
Star Lamp: Floorplan hanging star light
Rug: tarte. striped rug
Pollow Bunnies: Erratic cwe - cushion / bunnies The Arcade
Sofa: Scarlet Creative Mesh Lucky 8 Sofa - Rose
Heater: Dust Bunny  vintage space heater . pearl The Arcade
Cat: Chez Moi PawLicking Cat Strass
Plant: tarte tea planter (yellow) The Arcade
Lamp: Apple Fall Dolly Lamp
Stepladder: Apple Fall Stepladder Table
House: Scarlet Creative Lavender Brown House Prefab 


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