Happy Holidays

For two days now, I'm having troubles logging in. So in case it will continue, I'd like to wish you all happy holidays. This year since I started taking picture to the pint of typing here and now post Number 382 it's been a crazy ride.
I want to say that this coming new year's I'm looking back at the year that has passed and I want to thank all my wonderful friends that were there for me every day encouraging this passion by looking at me and my work as a professional. To Tal that gave me the tools to start and is always by my side step by step pushing me to aim for the stars. I'm even thankful to the not so great experiences I had in SL. Tears, anger and disappointment are also a wonderful source for inspiration and a brilliant cheerleader to motivate you to do your best on your own as well. All those positive and negative experiences drove me actually into developing my photography skills and I'm thankful each and every day for that. 
When I'll be able to log in I will be posting three dates, hours and  location of one of the lovely sims I enjoy taking pictures in. You are all welcome to join me there and I'll be giving a basic photography lesson such as the one Tal gave me a year ago. Pay it forward is a good motto to follow. So if you're interested in a free photography lesson I'll more than happy to help.
Not being able to log in means not being able to post any recommended items for you. But I'm not leaving you with nothing. 

Location: Inspiration Point

I posted about this sim a long long time ago Inspiration Point is a beautiful sim that have a few of the best designers stores on the grid: Boogers, Kirin, Tee*fy, The secret store, Flowey, MishMish, Pizza's, Jim, Intrigue Co., Pilot and some more. All collaborate on their amazing sim in a huge hunt with 35 items that are waiting just for you. Last year's hunt was mind blowing and marked for me the beginning of where I am today in sl. TP there and enjoy your time not only hunting, not only shopping (and you will), but the beauty of this sim will stick with you for a long while. Enjoy and again happy holidays to you all.


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