Happy Holidays From Mia and Bambi

Skin: Tir na n'Og Tina Milk Tone
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes - Glass
Hair: Entwined Ivery

Skin: Meghindos Jacinda
Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes - Brown

Outfits on our both: Foxes - Woodland Wonderland Gacha The Arcade

Pose 1: Vix back to back
Pose 2: !Bang All The More

Foxes: ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS]  Arctic Foxes The Arcade
Owls: ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS]  Snowy Owls The Arcade
ReindeersISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS]  Arctic Reindeers The Arcade
Polar Bears: ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS]  Snowy Polar Bears The Arcade
Christmas Tree: Apple Fall Christmas Tree Rare The Arcade
Trees and Treehouse: DaD DESIGN "Winter Is Arrived!" Double Oak Tree "snow"

From the very first minute of Mia and my friendship we've been together strongly. She makes me laugh to tears every time. She makes me think outside of the box and we're there for each other no matter what. This is one unique unbreakable friendship. Being in sl for two years Mia is one of the most powerful people I've ever met. I appreciate every minute with her. A friend is someone who'll be there at your worst and your best and a friend will also be on your mind when you're drinking something and you'll remember something funny he did and.. Yes Mia.. Every splash of water and choking due to me laughing is very much on you.
Love you Mia! One day, I will be there for my margarita!


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