Faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more

Outfits on us all: Plowwies DeeDee jammies set
Bambi's Toy Drum:  BoOgErS Drum Natural Inspiration Point Hunt
Tiffny's New Puppy:  A i s l i n g Zoe - Box The Arcade
Will's new Elephent: BoOgErS Pull Elephant Inspiration Point Hunt

Will: Del May Terra #1
Tiffny: Del May Pit Stop
Bambi: Elephante poses 12 Days Of Christmas - Day 2 gift

Firplace: Sway's Valerie Fireplace shabby-dark  The Liaison Collaborative
Moose Antlers: PILOT - Festive Moose Antlers Inspiration Point Hunt
Holiday Greeting Cards Decorations: flowey x Teawood / Vintage Holiday Greeting Cards Inspiration Point Hunt
Crishtmas Tree: tarte. little christmas tree (cheer) Gasha @ The Liaison Collaborative
Box of Ornaments: Dust Bunny box of ornaments 1 The Arcade
Bunnies: Half-Deer Snow Day Bunnies [Black] @ Collabor 88
Picture Frames: Dust Bunny  vintage frames @ The N21 Event
Box: tarte. box of holiday decorations (traditional)
Rug: tarte. light clutter rug @ The Liaison Collaborative
House: Dust Bunny  Hunter's Retreat  . RARE @ The N21 Event

Will, Tiff, this picture is the best present I could ever ask for. A memory from you. I love you guys with all my heart. 


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