Two years!

Sign: Mirandario Bloggers Canvas
Tree: Pixel Mode - Lighted Tree Set @ The Liason Collaborative
Tree Guard: Botanical Street Tree Guard (Round)
Leaves on the floor: Serenity Style Winter Ground Cover
Rug: Lark Rainy Day Fence @ the 50L Lark Sale

This coming up Saturday I'll be in SL for two years. TWO YEARS. I never thought I'll be here that long though I've been told that I will. I've met good and bad, nice and rude, smart and less smart people in here. 

  • Will - I met Will on Sep. last year. We became close friends very fast and through bad times and good times he was there for me. Every step of the way. Even on a time that we were in a bad place he always kept an eye open. Checking and telling me not to worry, that we will be fine that we will find each other and that I didn't lose his friendship. He was right and I love you dearly duffus. I can't imagine my life(s) without you. Thank you for being the special person that you are.
  • Tiff - Tiff and I got to be friends in Oct. last year. She's a loving, caring person that always looked at things logically for me. Kept me on track. She saw the potential in my pictures and got my my own studio and gallery. We are friends in rl, friends in sl and I promise you Tiff one day you and I will get a cup of coffee together!
  • Tal - Another one of my oldest friends on sl. Sept too. Oh god Tal, you are the reason for everything you know that right? Tal taught me to host, to take pictures and was and is always there for a good advice and logic (and lady like killing machine!). Watching and walking her footsteps led me where I am and all that wrapped up in a loving warm hug and the best of laughs. This picture is actually all you Tal. A set I built on my own learning from you, a sign from one of my first sponsors. You allowed me to learn from you and you've been my friend, my laughter and my smile for so long. A wild and crazy gal.
  • Cal and Mia - For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, those words are about us not about marriage! We've been there for each other and we are still there and always will be. This friendship of us is so strong, so beautiful, so funny. You both heard me angry sky high, in grief, in fear for my life, in pain, in tears, laughing till I snored, happy, tipsy... My Cal and Mia. Cal it's like you said.. Package deal.
  • Laron, Ori and Dray Foxdale - I saw you I fell for you easy as that and yet complicated in the best way. I always say you give me hope and I mean it. Hope for a better future in rl. To fight against all odds and keep it together or to come for help when in need for one. Proud, strong, full of love and compassion. You gave me the protection I needed, the caring and loving I was craving for. I was proud and honoured to add Foxdale to my name.
  • Saved you for last... Dev, two months sounds so little but it's not. Every person is a whole world and I'm honoured, amazed and so happy that you share yours and allow me to share mine with you. You calm me, you sooth me and you make me happy and point me in the direction to look at everything in a better prospective and to move myself, push harder. Aim at my target in life and go for it full force ahead. Making you happy, making you laugh, being there. You smacked my head. It's all your fault.


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