♥ Thank you ♥

Tin Vase: tarte. tin vase & twig
Neon Signs: The Loft Neon Sign Cat 2
Curtain: Scarlet Creative Love Curtain with Pole Mod Trans
Carriage Clock: Apple Fall Carriage Clock
Books and Tea: tarte. books & tea
Books: Sari-Sari - Old School - Library Books
Phone: Tresh Blah Rotary Phone - Yellow
Desk with Chair and Wall Decor: Ionic Ahora  - @ The Chapter Four 
Cupboard: HIDEKI - Lab Cupboard The Chapter Four 
Bed: Apple Fall Old Roman Bed
House: HIDEKI - Vintage House - RARE The Chapter Four 

I was catsittin for a friend today in rl when I logged in for a second to sl on my phone app. Jaz, a friend and a designer on Fresh Style IMed me and it went something like that:
Jaz: Congratz!
Me: Ohh thank you. On what?
Jaz: You're picture made it to the cover of LTD Magazine
Me: Really? No!

It took Jaz a ew trials fo convince me that it's true *laughs*

This is an amazing honor. Love To Decorate Magazine thank you so much. I can't stop smiling. Thank you thank you.