Pay attention

Skin: Tir na n'Og Tina skin (ver 1)
Hair: ARGRACE Minato
Bra: Mimikri - Romy Bra black
Belly Ring: Tran-Skewed Gacha Open Heart Belly Rings
Jacket: AuThentic Design GP SAVE THE TATASX MESH HOODY JACKET Fresh Style Open today at 12pm
Jeans: StormCrow Design's *Rawr* Unbuttoned Jeans
Pose: Elephant Poses - Jump Around #6

Allow me to tell you a little something... I started blogging fashion in August. I needed something to get my mind going. I needed something to keep me busy. I needed something to stop me from drowning after losing my beautiful friend Edith to cancer. 
Edith was 41. She was an artist making the most amazing jewelry and modesty called her shop 'Ugly Jewelry". Originally Edith was my mother's friend. Bust having her age right in the middle between my mother and myself made us go closer and closer and we became good friends.When I met Edith she had long black hair with huge curls. That black hair made her bright smile looks even more full of light and laughter. 
Edith illness wasn't a surprise. He twin sister suffered from the same type of cancer. I'll never forget how Edith prayed and wanted nothing but her sister to go back to health. Her prayers weren't answered and Shirley, passed away in a lot of pain 2 years before Edith.
I was there seeing the grief and sorrow of Edith, but along side saw how she kept trying to laugh and embrace life now for her nephew and brother in law. She was working till the pain was too much and she had to close her store. 
After her passing her husband told me, how in her pain, in her suffering she would answer the phone, on the other side was someone recently diagnosed with cancer, how she would close the door to the bedroom and talk, and listen, and hugs and supported those others that were just starting her journey.
My mother couldn't bare the pain of hearing my voice finding out that Edith time is coming to it's end and sent me a text message apologising for the way, but Edith have days left. We all knew this time will come, and we all couldn't stand it. A few hours later my mother told me that Edith will be moved to a hospice the next day. I said 'no way'. Edith will do it her way, in her bed. She will never allow herself to go in a stranger's place. That night at 2am Edith drew her last breath.

I'll never forget her father's shuttered voice or the tears of her husband. I'll never forget meeting Edith's brother for the first time and losing my breath when I saw how much them 3 look so much alike and left with 1. 
Edith's death couldn't be avoided. It was genetic, it was cruel and I can only give thanks that she didn't suffer as her beautiful twin did. But some types of cancers are battles and was you can and should win or even avoid.

My mother had breast cancer. By keeping alert from the age of 30 she know to pay attention. She was lucky and smart and thank god it ended with and operation and radiation only.
My grandmother is now facing a horrible future after smoking for 43 years not only her lungs are collapsing, there's a lump there waiting to be checked after the Israeli holiday season will be over.

You can avoid cancer, bit this battle before it even starts by paying attention to your body and what it needs to keep you healthy. I'm not saying turn into a health geek, tree hugger *smiles* I'm saying, keep an eye on your body. A month of awareness to breast cancer, is all good and nice. But why a month? Why not all the time? and why breast cancer? Why not all types of thing you CAN and WILL win/avoid all together? Start today.. Instead of that steak, have a chicken, instead of the cig.. oh come on? It's smoke you put in you lungs! Instead of that cig, smell a flower, ocean breeze, grass that was just chopped, your baby's hair...