Off topic...

I wrote this little post a few days ago on my facebook page and I want to share it with you all too.

When we enter the theatre and the light goes off in the audience and on at the stage, appears before us the 4th wall. A convention or maybe a silent agreement that says: What happens on stage for the next 90 minutes is a whole world and it's real. The 4 sticks creating a square and that square for all we know and AGREE on is a house in this play. These are walls and the roof is even licking... that's why there's a bucket on he floor.

In SL we have that same convention. When I get *hugs you* from a close friend, I don't even need to close my eyes to feel the arms around me, holding me.
When a man dares emote an unwelcome kiss it feels like an UNWELCOME kiss. When someone use a rude animation for a joke... It's not a joke.. it's just tasteless and rude. Those things might not be "real", but for for us, the people of SL, this amazing subculture that we are living in.. We live withing the 4th wall convention.

I saw so many times people say, please remember that behind every avi there's a real person. I agree with that, but I wonder if the people that do those things... Those things that in RL would have made society to push them out or even get them to know a cell from the inside, remember that they are too a real person.

From racism through sexual harassment and all the way to just be that guy that farts in a crowded lift, the boundaries might be blurry, but a simple question: Would I dare do that to a RL friend/acquaintance should be at the top of our heads all the time.

Just a thought