We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. Oscar Wilde

Skin and Eyeshadow: Pink Fule Renee <Peach> - Pure 
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes - Fjord
Purple Eyeliner: Pink Acid Natural Lip Plumpers + Theshops App + Liner - Starry
Hair: Maitreya Uma - Reds Pack
Nails: Ghee Slink Avatar Enhancement Black Meni/Pedi @ Black Fashion Fair gift
Necklace: Atooly Little Star Necklace Blue
Earrings: EarthStones Celtic Knot Ear Cuff/Earrings - Silver/BlueTopaz (B
Jacket and Top: LIKE DESIGN Rebekah Jacket With Tank Black Purple
Pose: Natural Henteko Pose30(Ue Ue)5 For the Okinawa Summer Festival 2014
Location: Koto Project

Oh my what a fun picture this was to take! The lovely owner of the sim Yousei 妖精 was there she's so nice and she wanted to take some pictures with me...  and here how it went:
[01:37] Yousei 妖精 (lucicity): It's rignt to be silly into going to like I haven't taken a silly photo in a long time
[01:38] Yousei 妖精 (lucicity): XD
[01:38] Yousei 妖精 (lucicity): I love this expressions hud
[01:38] Bambi Foxdale (norahbrent): Let me get mine lol
[01:39] Bambi Foxdale (norahbrent) laughs
[01:39] Yousei 妖精 (lucicity): XD
[01:40] Yousei 妖精 (lucicity): Gotta love coming to a sim when the owner is a coo coo
[01:40] Yousei 妖精 (lucicity): XD
[01:40] Bambi Foxdale (norahbrent): Love that!!!

Just go there and enjoy yourselves and if Yousei is there.. Take a picture with her *laughs*