I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. Michelangelo

Skin: Hush Amber - Natural
Shape: Ultra Shape Diana GIFT
Eyes: Ultra Shape Eyes 03 Cold
Lipstick: Pink Fule Shine Lipstick (Pink) - GROUP GIFT
Hair: D!va more than 25000 group member celebration gift
Dress: Sassy! Spring Fling 4th of July Group Gift
Pose: EverGlow Free Female Pose 1
Location: Seni Seviyorum

Accept for the slink hands and appliers, what you see here didn't cost even one linden. Everything here is made out of group gifts offered by some of great shops on the grid. The hair comes in all colours and shades that D!va can offer. This skin from Hush is July's group gift. Each month a new skin with 6 different skin tones in high quality. This cute shape is this months group gift at Ultra Shape and the ayes are an older gift still offered at the shop for the group members, Sassy! is one of my favourite and with lovely dress was this year's 4th of July's group gift and Sassy's gift wall is brilliant as well as the rest of the shop. EverGlow came up with this cute package of free poses two for male and two for female. All in all, if you're starting your life in sl/going on an alt you're off to a really nice fashionable start.

Tal, thank you for the idea to make a freebie post *smiles*