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Cactus Planters: What Next Oasis Bloom - Prickly Pear Cactus Planter @ Collabor88 Open Tomorrow
Hanging Plants: What Next Wall Hanging Plant #1 @ Collabor88 Open Tomorrow
Fritter Tray: Serenity Style "La Verbena de La Paloma" - Fritter Tray @ 6 Republic 
Chocolate Glasses: Serenity Style "La Verbena de La Paloma" - Chocolate Glasses @ 6 Republic
Organillo: Serenity Style "La Verbena de La Paloma" - Organillo RARE @ 6 Republic  
Table: Serenity Style "La Verbena de La Paloma" - Table with tablecloth @ 6 Republic  
Chairs: Serenity Style "La Verbena de La Paloma" - Verbena Chair @ 6 Republic 
Basket: Serenity Style "La Verbena de La Paloma" - Wafer Basket 6 Republic 
Coffee & Cinnamon Roll: MadPea MyHelsinki Coffee & Cinnamon Roll 6 Republic 
Bread Cheese with Cloudberry: MadPea MyHelsinki Bread Cheese with Cloudberry 6 Republic 
Pasties: MadPea MyHelsinki Karelian Pasties 6 Republic 
Posts with Stringlihgts: Jinx Le Jardin Light Posts The Chapter Four
Sculptures: Jinx Le Jardin Ball Sculpture Large The Chapter Four
Stringlights: Half-Deer Cozy Stringlights
House and Tree: Serenity Style  Alboran Summer House @ Builders Box

Another beautiful release is coming up tomorrow from What Next. These last few serious of plants is just amazing! So smooth and realistic. Perfect!

I'm very happy to bring you the first post for a very exciting event. Builders Box is a brand new event dedicated to Second Life architecture. Sky boxes and houses and structures to open up your imagination. This is a subscriber box event. For the lazy to tp You can also go on the Marketplace

For more information:

I was so happy to see Serenity Style in this event. I've known Hands and her sweet shop for a very long time and you see this beautiful made house with it's unique little open area made me quite happy as I know this is only the beginning and I'm sure will see more and more.

Enjoy ♥