Heading home

Poses: FOXCITY The Journey Bento Set @ eBENTO
FOXCITY The Tube Bento Set eBENTO
Set: FOXCITY. Destination:London Photo Booth eBENTO

In the picture with me are the awesome: TinLiz, JustB, PinkRayne, Star, Phen and Benny. Thank you all so much for getting in the mood and answering my call for a photoshoot. I hope to do it again!

The Tube, the underground train of London. You'll recognise it by the smell. It cannot be mistaken. Every Londoner have his or hers Tube experience I have a few. From the guy that saw I was sad and just asked me to smile, the two ladies that started talking about the end of the last book of Harry Potter after spotting me reading it (wtf?!), the famous Brit politeness where I accidentally step on someone and the someone says sorry and my favourite is the guy who is obviously having mental issues that told me aobut the underground plan to take of the world and the buses are the first to bite the dust (I kid you not). 

FOXCITY is releasing an amazingly realistic cart of the Tube on this brand new event eBENTO. She also made bento poses to go along with it. All are based on what day to day ride on the Tube looks like. She said she'll rock my socks off, as London is my home away from home and she really did, but to be barefoot on the Tube is a health hazard!

This sweet group of people answered my call on three groups. Pandora Box of Dreams, The Blogger Hub and [SL] Blogger Support. I'm very happy I got to know some new people and to see some people I haven't seen in a while all sitting and chatting away on a ride on the Tube. You guys rock! Thank you so much!!