Strawberry Fields Forever

There are plenty items in this picture. I will start with creditting my amazing sponsors (shops and events) and then move to the other brilliant items on this set. If you see I forgot to credit anything poke me amessage on Flickr and I'll fix it in no time ☺

Plants: What Next House Plants 2 on FLF
White Stool, Boxes, Sketches, Mannequin, Panel Tools: Serenity Style The Atelier Couture Gacha Shiny Shabby
Frame, Disc Deco, Cigar Boxes, Gray Bottle Plant. Magazines: Mulloy Bekke Set @ Draftsman
Dessert Platter: Bliensen + MaiTai - Nostalgia - Dessert Platter w. Strawberries Lost & Found
Chest Right of the Door: Serenity Style Happy Soul Chest Blue
Glass Bell: Serenity Style The Magic Alice Bell @ De(c)orate April 
Cactus: PLAAKA PricklyPearCactus Lost & Found
Record Player: AsteroidBox Record Player White Draftsman
Pouf: Zerkalo Coffee Lovers - Pouf Lost & Found
Table, Chairs, Posters, Sofa, Blinds, Stop Sign House: LAGOM - Collage Life @ The Kawaii Project
Hamsters: HEXtraordinary Hamster
Cheese Slate: Artisan Fantasy Cheese Slate 1 - Roquefort Epiphany
Telly: Drot TV Mahogany Static Epiphany
Hats, Bags with Hats: David Heather Set Epiphany
Metro Sign and Frames: Boudoir J'Adore Paris Gacha-Paris Pictures Set
Big Bag: Nutmeg. Bachelor Bag Black @ Shiny Shabby
Easel, Panciles: Cheeky Pea Artisan Atelier Epiphany
Spilled Cookies: BunBun Sweet Cafe - Spilled Cookies B Epiphany
Lamps: ionic : Winter Market Winter Lights
Records Shelf: 22769 The Record Shop Record Shelf COMMON Epiphany
Pot HangerPLAAKA PotHanger