Life offers you a thousand chances... all you have to do is take one Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun

Floor Lanterns and Chair on the right: What Next Palma Set @ Collabor88
Wall Lamps: Apple Fall Orsett Lantern Set
Guitar: Apple Fall Martins' Busker Guitar
Fountain: ionic Norna's Fountain
Laundry on the Right: [[RH]] Design Laundry
Laundry on the Left: Serenity Style Country Bucket & Dryer
Moss on the Wall: Half-Deer Star Creeper Moss Collabor88
Chairs and Tables: What Next Terrace Set & Decor (Sand)
Place Settings: BLUE SKY Toscana Dining
Stringlights: Half-Deer Cozy Stringlights
Umbrellas: Newchurch Alize Umbrella
Trees: Trompe Loeil Part of unlinked Xaviera Villa (mod)
Terracotta PotsApple Fall Design a Planter
Cobblestone: Stormwood Tuscan Paving Stone Floor
Houses and Wall: 8f8 - primavera in Toscana
Location: Banana Bay

A little post inspired by a place I never seen with my own two eyes. Tuscany. But I'm going to see it in only a matter of hours. I will be away on a little Passover holiday to celebrate a new chapter in life. I will be back on April 21st.

Wishing you a happy Easter and Passover,