I hear the sound of rain falling in my ears Washing away the weariness like tears. I can feel my troubles running down, Disappear into the silent sound

Repair Shop: NOMAD Auto Repair Shop Draftsman
Truck: Consignment Stepside Pick-up - Cream
Ice Freezer Box of Junk: UnKindess Shanty Repair Shop Gacha
Oil Bottles, Tires, Poster: Consignment The Garage Collection - Oil Bottles
Lamp on the Left: Seven Emporium Hanging Bulb -Single
Lamp in the Shop: Seven Emporium Wall Bulb
Street Lamp: N4RS Vondel Street Light - Galvanized
Pay Phone: Revival pay phone rust
Rain: a.n.c colorful rain (clearlysky)
House Next Door: Soy Shitamachi Alley Garden - A House In Alley RARE
Arcad eMachines Next Door: Seven Emporium Starman Arcade Machine (animated)