Too Far


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I’ve been on Second life for 4 years now. I have been happy and sad about things here more than I should have. I came to laugh at my own involvement and stupidity and accept that and admit I was so very stupid, so many times.

I thought I’ve seen it all, noob me. All the relationships fiasco with all the conversations that started with my favourite question of them all: “have you heard?” (Sarcasm is my friend). I lost people whom I truly believed were my friends. I even shed a tear or two.

In my innocent view, if you will, I thought the worst thing about SL is to find out your real friends are not real. Then I thought, wait no, worst thing is people pretending to be fatally sick or even fake their own death. I heard stories about worse things. But I never witnessed anything till today.

I don’t care about the background that led to this thing. I don’t know the people and I’m not interested in knowing any detail. All I know is that one person spread the real life identity, picture and biography for all to see as part of sl conflict (as in the D word DRAMA). I don’t know how that person got all that information. I allow myself to guess there was some trust there long ago before it became well… this.

The comments I read were mostly of what makes sl so ugly at times: People enjoying the ride and all at the expanse of someone else’s REAL LIFE. I don’t care what that person might have done that was so horrible. But no one in a place of anonymity deserves this breach of trust, this lack of respect of privacy and of placing that person’s real life as well as his family's in such a position.

In my sl I had a friend I fell out with. I won’t bare you with the details as mine are mine and hers are hers. She knows who I am. I know who she is. In a click of a mouse we can cause so much damage to each other’s life. But I know, no matter how bad things have ended. No matter how hurt we were and are, we will never NEVER dare put each other’s real life at any risk. 

As I saw this post this outing I felt sick to my stomach. A handful of people here know my real identity. I never hide behind my avatar but I respect those that want and need privacy. Privacy is the one thing we can all agree on that is holy in this sin city.

I’m not mentioning names. As I said I don’t know these people and I’m not interested in hearing who did what and to whom. I just think this has gone too far. It is shameful and sickening. The people that commented with “popcorn” and happily shared it forward and cooperated with this. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I don’t know why or how sl became a place where people can be proud of being viscous and mean and bullying one another. The things that are wrong in rl are wrong in sl. Just because your avi has a pretty face it doesn’t make you less ugly.