Snow White

Head: LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.2
Skin Applier and Makeup: YS&YS Immortal Skin Applier Lelutka Bento @ We <3 RP
Hair: ICONIC Blanca 
Wreath: ERSCH - Rowanberry Wreath (red)  @ The Chapter Four
Rings: SECRETS Bianca Rings - Silver @ The Crossroad
Bouquet: Scandalize. ROSES (group gift)
Pose: FOXCITY. Bouquet (bento) (gift on the MP and inworld)

Laying Roses: Catwa Laying Roses
Pedals: LAGOM - BeVamped [Pedal Rain Large Red] @ The Cosmopolitan

Adding a little something that was on my mind in the last few days. I'm going to say this in advance, what I will say might annoy some people. 

Second Life has been a place of many things and that includes a lot of sexual outlets. Usually I don't tend to address issues like that in public. It's not my place to judge anyone, and as I said, what I'm about to say might annoy people. Lately I came across a few pictures of gas masks being used as a sexy item. I cringe at many things I see on Second Life, violence and racism are the head of that list but to see a gas mask broke some sort of a record for me. Do you know what  a gas mask smells on the inside? Did you know that if the filter is not open correctly, it feels like your lungs are burning till you get some air? The straps, especially if you have long hair, can pull on it so hard you'd want to scream, and once you memorise the steps to put it correctly over your head in a matter of seconds, it stays with you forever along with how the fear the next boom will not be "just" a scud missile feels like. 

I don't know what triggers the mind. We all different and we all have our own dark sides I'm sure. I just wanted to share where my mind is going when I see a gas mask... To 1991.