I'm ready for my closeup

Head: [GA.EG] Barbara Bento Mesh Head NEW
Shape: [GA.EG] Barbara Shape - GRACEFUL (Modified) NEW
Skin Applier: 7 Deadly Skins - Omega HEAD - [LAQ] FLAME apricot
Eyes: Avi-Glam Entice Eyes
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Lien /Red
Nails: alme.  Colorblocking - Solo Tres Chic
Earrings: Baubles! by Phe SageSet @ Lost and Found
Rings: SECRETS Bianca Rings - Silver @ The Crossroad
Pose: FOXCITY Beauty

If you will take a look at my blog, you'll see there are two more food fair posts all ready for flickr. But I'm taking a little step back to give you a review of this new bneto head from [GA.EG] as I promised I will and I got some nice reaction to the review I made for the Simone Lelutka head, so I hope this one wil do some service as well. 

First I'll tell you that Lost and Found is having a beautiful round. These earrings by Baubles! by Phe can be found there and many many more things to come.


Barbara is the new Bento head by [GA.EG]. I've been blogging the Andrea head a few times and Barbara, is quite the same style looking. I got a few shapes in the pack and eventually chose Graceful shape and modified it a bit for a more "Bambi" look. There are 4 more shapes available in the shop, not including the one in the pack itself.

Next was picking a skin. The head comes with 8 skin tones. But it is also Omega friendly and I wanted to give a full review, so I gave a try. I have few skin appliers that are made for omega. As the ones I have are not bento, most didn't fit well. But this skin I always liked by 7 Deadly Skins fits quite well and is originally made for LAQ head. I also tried a few makeup appliers (SlackGirl, Avi-Glam) and Hairbase (No.Match) all worked perfectly well. Only thing I need to figure out and could be my issue is when the applier for the lips, won't cancel the hairbase for example. I'll learn it in time I'm sure.

The pack includes: 

Animations Hud and AO:
Much like the Lelutka and Catwa bento heads, here as well you can play animations randomly, different mouth animation, blink, eyes and also static animations. All is presented on the hud. Which is nice and easy, but it's a big hud so if you have a small screen, you'll have trouble see all the icon. But the amount of animations that are being able to add to the basic hud is amazing and I'm sure it's only the start. Add the pack of animation and click install and it will be fed to your hud easily.

A great thing in the pack is the ears. Available in a rigges and un-rigged versions. They have a nice hud to make a better angle of the ears on the head and even change their shape a little.

Teeth are there as well and you can buy different types of teeth (with a gap or even bit broken) separately. 

Neck bends matching for the different mesh bodies to blur the lines better is included.

Smart hud that has different features: 3 different tones for your teeth, freckles/no freckles option, 8 skin tones as I mentioned, 12 eyebrow tones, 2 eyebrow styles, 5 hairbase tones (tintable), makeup blushes and eyeshadows and lipsticks, 4 eyelashes (tintable).

[GA.EG] also released quite a few add-ons lashes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, beauty marks, hairbase and I'm sure there is more to come. 

So far the easiest bento head to modify its shape for me was Lelutka's Simone still first place. [GA.EG] was harder for me but just as hars as Catwa Catya head was. It is very much following the style and looks [GA.EG] were always aiming for and I love that I could play with it a bit more. This picture was edited only tiny bit around the nose and lips becsue of the projector picture I chose was not as clean as I thought, wasn't any fix to the head itself. The details of the head itself and its overall looks are showing clearly without a change to it.

Barbara Bento head is top quality and I think the more skin makers will play on Omega appliers, this head can make it big. The two things I would have want to see is a wider option to edit the lips and  mouth and to see the animation hud bit more clear. The icons are super cute and reminds me of stickers I used to collect as a child. But not all that understandable as to know what animation I'm picking and it will take a long time to remember what each icon is for not to mention they are small and bit hard to see.

Other than that this head is perfect to all you [GA.EG] fans out there. If I'll need to pick and choose which feature is the best here, it will be the ears. Great hud and great look and I can't wait to see where they will take it further.