The simple life

Coffee Machine and Station: What Next Colonna Coffee Station for FLF
Kitchen Unit: Chez Moi Industrial Kitchen
String Light: LAGOM Decovines. Feather
Coffee on the Stairs and Coffee Tray with Funnel on the Counter and Chair at the Back: Industry 7 Coffee Green Set 6 Republic
Newspaper: .:revival:. shelter from the rain @ Deco(c)rate for November 2016
Drops Lamps: anc in the rain drop lamp Deco(c)rate for November 2016
Branch Lamps: Botanical Metal Branches Wall Lamp gift @ The Crossroad
Sofa at the Back: ARIA - Brynn Leather Sofa Deco(c)rate for November 2016
Soft Chair at the Back, Carpets at the Back and Basket at the Top of the Stairs: LAGOM la petite serre Gacha Lost & Found
Carpet at the Front: HIDEKI - Hallway Rug
House: NO.13 Narrow House 6 Republic
Book at the Top of the Stairs: Cheeky Pea Falling Over Books
Plant at the Top of the Stairs: YS&YS Holborn Hanging Ivy


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