Trick or Treat

Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica 
Skin Applier: Izzie's Catwa Applier (Brooke pale)
Hair: Entwined Sasha @ Kinky Event
Collar: [Avenge] Feathers Leather rope necklace - dark colors Lost & Found
Ring with Cuff: The Little Bat Goth Cuffs w/ HUD Lost & Found
Nails: alme. Sparkles Orange @ Scare me Silly
Top: Just BECAUSE Tess Tank Top
Skirt: Just BECAUSE Jillian Skirt @ N21
Boots: Have Unequal Subish Leather Boots brown Maitreya Slink @ Geeks'n'Nerds 2016 
Pup: JIAN Hallow-Inu Trick-or-Treat Companion White @ The Epiphany
Poses: an lar [poses] The Eliza Series Lost & Found

Table on the Right and Pumpkings Cloche: [evoLove] Pumpkin Cloche Set Lost & Found
Leaves on the Table, Nut Plate Table on the Left, Chair And Deco with Stringlights: PLAAKA HelloAutumnSet Lost & Found 
Doormat and Milk Tin: Irrie's Dollhouse Gacha! Fall Porch Lost & Found
Log Bench with Guitar: Bee designs Heartland Campfire Gacha Log Bench Lost & Found
Thermuses: Chez Moi Fall Around Vintage Hot Soups @ The Gacha Garden Open Nov. 1st
House: sass buildz [the cottage] Lost & Found 

This will be a bit off topic and long :)

My friend Miza gave me a gift today. This lovely pup. She said "Attach and try not to melt too much". So I attached and as it rezzed I stared at it and I was nearly in tears. I asked her if I ever told her about Peng and she said no. So then I told her and I thought I might share this.

Pent was a Samoyed dog. She belonged to a family perhaps that threw her on the street and ended up in an animal shelter. My grandparents lost their old sweet dog Shed (demon in Hebrew, though he was the complete gentleman Scottish Shepherd, as in 'Lassy' dog). My mom and I joined them to the trip to the animal shelter.

My grandparents weren't young and they needed a dog that can walk with a leach without pulling them too hard. So every dog they looked at was getting on a leach and led by them to see how they will behave. None of the dogs was doing so and while they were looking for their new pup I was wandering around giving every single dog there some love and attention while knowing some will end their life in the shelter. They were in big cages to walk around at in big long tents. In the last cage in the last tent, there she was leaning on the bars with her fur sticking out in the gaps looking at me with sad black eyes. I looked at her and I spoke to her and I said "Be right back".

I ran back to my family. My grandfather was already in the car, they were giving up on adopting a dog that day and were saying thank you to the volunteers. So, I yelled from afar "What about the Samoyed?!" They went over and brought her over. My grandfather didn't bother to step out of the car, he just looked at her and said "You're Peng". My grandmother insisted on walking with her on a leach to see if it's safe. Peng walked gently like a queen and that was the first and very last time she was walking politely on a leach. She was smart. Street smart. 

As a white beast she wasn't allowed in the carpet, so she ised to sit with one paw on it looking straight into my grandmothers eyes. My grandmother's attempts to yell at her failed as she was making her laugh so hard. 

After my grandfather passed away, my grandmother used to take Peng anywhere she went. Peng would be making her laugh and smile and happy and helped her through losing her loving amazing husband. Then my grandmother decided to move to a smaller flat. She was an opinionated women and always spoke her mind and got in a lot of arguments with her new neighbours till one day one of them threw poison into her yard. The vets fought for Peng's life all day long. I was there. She was 9 years old. 

My only comfort in this story is that Peng had a happy life. She was loved, she was cared for. As you can see I was raised to love and care for animals and I guess my point is this: dogs and cats and pets in sl are all cute. If you don't have a pet, give it some thought. Adopting a pet is saving a life, it's giving a life, a chance and it's the right thing to do. And one more thing. Winter is coming and temperatures are dropping. If you have unused blankets, donate them to the local animal shelter, They can use all the help out there to keep the animals save from the cold.