A little Help From My Friends

Dear all,

Starting today I will be on a short two weeks holiday. I will be back on Oct. 16th. This is the Jewish new years and on this holiday we dip an apple in honey to symbolise the greetings and wishes for a good sweet year filled with good news. So I'd like to take this opportunity and wish you all a Shanah Tova (a good year) may it be sweet and filled with good news. שנה טובה

It is also the Jewish holiday called Yom Kipur. The religious Jews fast on that day and ask for redemption for their sins. But I was taught it was also about learning to admit wrong doings and say sorry. I had my share of conversations about this holiday and time of the year with an old friend. But it was leaning to the curiosity about the religious part and not the personal part. As I'm not religious, I couldn't deliver the answers nor get the point crossing about what Yom Kipur is. But I do believe that at least once a year a person needs to think back, have a soul search and admit that he/she were never perfect and mistakes were made and feeling can be hurt either deliberately or not. So I'll take this occasion to say that I do apologise for any wrong doings from misunderstanding to the big bangs. Slicha u'mechila (atonement and forgiveness) סליחה ומחילה

I will also take this opportunity to thank my sponsors and LTD magazine for having me and being so nice and fun to work with. To you lot for faving, liking, commenting and awarding my pictures and finally to my wonderful amazing friends for being there and tolerating me and just being silly and funny. Thank you תודה

Shanah Tova
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