These are words that go together well...

Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica 
Skin Applier: [Mignonne] Tina Milk (not for sale)
Freckles: Izzie's - CATWA Appliers (Taleah pale)
Lipstick: [Avenge] Mat Lipstick applier for Catwa - red @ MakeOver
Eyes: IKON  Odyssey Eyes - Glass
Eyelashes: Deesses Boutique CATWA - Luxe eyelashes set (5 models)
Hair: ICONIC Michelle
Top: Eyelure Side Tied Tank Donut

The main discussions about mesh heads yay or nay is when people say, I dont' want to look like a pattern. Someone else buys the same head an boom we all look the same.

The head I'm wearing now is CATWA's first mesh head Jessica. It's the main head I'm using usually. I'm wearing 4 different appliers that are giving me a look that I don't think I saw before.

The main applier for my skin is by [Mignonne] Tina was a skin I used to wear a lot when I wasn't all meshed yet and NJ being a close friend made if for Jessica for me as a birthday present. [Mignonne] appliers usually have many lips options, eyebrows and with/without freckles.

The freckles are Izzie's Taleah applier. It's a brilliant applier with many options for lipsticks, eye makeup, eyebrow colours and with/without freckles.

Lips are by [Avenge] these applier has 4 tone options and look how full and lush my lips look!

My eyelashes are Deesses Boutique natural look. You won't believe how changing your eyelashes can make your look more unique.

My advice is this. Base skin applier must have a clean face option (no makeup), no eyebrow option, so you can choose any eyebrows you'd like from another shop for example and look for the best mix and match you can find. I use lipstick from Revlon and Mascara from Chanelle... Why stick to one brand only in rl, when you never do that in rl?