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Head: LAQ ~ Mesh head Trinity 1.0
Skin Applier: Glam Affair Petra Appleirs for Laq - Jamaica @ Uber
Eyes: IKON  Sovereign Eyes - Storm
Hair: LeLutka HF04 hair.Red @ Hair Fair
Top: TETRA - Lace-up Wool Sweater (Navy)
Jeans: -Pixicat- Klara.Jeans Bootcut (Blue)
Chair and Poses and Skybox: DaD DESIGN "TRIBECA SET" @ Monsieur Chic 1st Aug
Radiator: Apple Fall Apple Fall Victorian Radiator
Pipe Lamps with Books: junk. t frame light.
Guitar Case: {what next} Guitar Case Sign
Grass: The Little Branch WildGrass*1Li{Green}
Plants: NEWCHURCH Alize Accessory Set (mod)

In a conversation turning south someone told me "bloggers hate bloggers, designers hate designers". Tomorrow my blog will be 2 years old and I never once heard anyone talks that way. I never heard designers talking in a negative way about each other nor bloggers talk that way. For 2 years that scene within second life was keeping my mind alert and creative. Working, inspired, going. I'm going to write a few examples as to what blogging is for me. In all hope that that person is reading this and that it might be an eye opener as to what this is all about.

Taking pictures and blogging was something that my dear friend Tal was teaching me. After a long time that I was following her blog, I asked her to teach me how to take pictures. Later on when I started blogging, I was following her foot steps. She was the one showing me how to credit right, aim for the highest quality of pictures, dare do my own sets, apply for designers. Things I myself was teaching later on and was happy to teach and to push forward and to cheer on. 

I have an open channel with all the designers I work for. I ask them questions if I need. I do all I can to combine a few designers into one picture in a way what will display their work the best possible way. A few became people I'm proud to call my friends. Because that approach of an open accepting channel, is the right path to choose. When I apply to a new designer/event I apply in hope to be accepted by the hard work I put into my pictures and the correct credit and not because I might know the right people.

About a week after that conversation I met a blogger I never spoke to in the past. We were on a group chat trying to help someone having a bit of a problem with her item. From the group chat we moved to IM's and looking at each other's Flickr pages and we paid compliments to each other. Talked about blogging, taking pictures, helping people if we can and added each other on the friends list.

Blogging to me was an upgrade to my pictures. Giving the credit to the artists to me is a bonus and it's how I see my blog. A place to display the amazing artists of sl, whether they are my sponsors or not. I don't know bloggers who hate bloggers and I don't know designers who hate designers. I know the people I know and the people I know don't have a hating bone in their body.