All is ready

Christmas Bucket: Pixel Mode Remington - Luminary  - Purple Blue Silver The Arcade
Books: Apt B // Books
Laying Books: Zaara [home] : 14 Pile of books
Gold Snow Globe: Vespertine - fireflies 14 The Arcade
Nest: dust bunny . robin nest . natural The Arcade
Jewelry Box: dust bunny . jewelry box The Arcade
White Tiny Tree: Zerkalo Magical Christmas - Tiny Tree The Arcade
Porcelain Deer: dust bunny . porcelain deer The Arcade
Rose Vase: Ariskea [ Petite Paris] Rose Vase Pink The Arcade
Deer Frame: tarte. watercolor deer frame The Arcade
Candles Behind the Ladder: Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell Candles MT The Arcade
Moose Deco: Apt B Winter Deco Moose
Cat and Pillow: CIRCA - "Lucid" Kitty Pillow - Festive Red - Grey Tiger
Blanket Basket: dust bunny . pom pom blanket The Arcade
Guitar: TA Code Guitar (Stand)
Glass Tree 1: CIRCA - "Cosmos" Starry Pyramid Tree Light - White (S)
Glass Tree 2: CIRCA - "Cosmos" Starry Pyramid Tree Light - Blue (S)
Puppy:  O.M.E.N Waiting for Santa Paws - Knotty Dog The Arcade
Minni Tree: CIRCA - "Christmas Jewel" Mini Tree w/ Lights - Champagne
Hanging Umbrella Light: Dysfunctionality Hanging Umbrella Light Array
Curtain: Icons Of Style Glowing Curtain (gold) Color Me Project
Basket with Ornaments: Zerkalo Magical Christmas - Basket with Ornaments The Arcade
Basket Behind the Chair: N4RS Basket with Plaid TMD
Chair with Gifts: Zerkalo Magical Christmas - Chair with Gifts The Arcade
Coffee Table, Candles and Rug: N4RS Cape Cod Coffee Table LTD Event 
Cheese Snack Platter: CIRCA - "Yuletide" Wine & Cheese Snack Platter - Hickory
Frames: Cheeky Pea Wire Pinecone Wreath Frames - Hessian White
Snowflakes: Fancy Decor Snowflake 1
Couch: Scarlet Creative The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell Tartan Sofa MT The Arcade
Stringlights Clutter: +Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter FLF
House: Barnesworth Anubis stockholm attic 2.0  Collabor88

Everyday from Dec 1 to Dec 25th CIRCA will be offering a new advent item in a numbered square.

CIRCA update group (in-world) and the CIRCA Living Update Groups are up for free to new members, which you can find & click in the inside entrance. The large advent wall tree is near the inside entrance of the store also. You must wear the CIRCA group tag to buy the contents of each square, except for $0 surprise days.  Each item will be $1 - $75 for any given day in the advent tree.  Sometimes there will be bonus squares on certain surprise days for an extra gift or colour variation for group members, so don't miss those. On the Eve of Dec 24th, I will be closing the group, so who remains as a member will receive the final gift.  An example of the items will be nearby the advent tree for you to view.  If you have questions, feel free to reach me.