Nothing like home

Snowflakes: Fancy Decor Snowflake 1 Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Chair. Stool, Coffe pot and mug: N4RS Part of Dixon Wingback
Candles, Basket, Ottoman:  N4RS Winter Romance @ Fameshed Open Tomorrow
Log Basket, Socks, Fireplace Luight String:Goose snowflake gacha set 
Celing Lamps, Rug and Christmas Tree: CIRCA Part of Polar Drift Set Color Me Project
Picture over the Fireplace and Coat Rack: CIRCA Part of Waterdown Living Room set
Cabinet: Apple Fall Charlotte Cabinet
Table with Books: Apple Fall Books Occasional Table w/ Blanket
Coffee & Muffin: Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin
Books & Map: Apple Fall Books & Map
Sketchbook: Apple Fall Liberty Sketchbook
Books: Apple Fall Books
Boxed Supplies & Spectacles: Apple Fall Boxed Supplies w/ Spectacles
House: Apple Fall Old Mayfair Skybox RARE