It's Chrismukkah!!!

Star of David: Cheeky Pea Wall Star - Metal
Snowflakes: Fancy Decor Snowflake 1 Tannenbaum Holiday Market

Bicycle Deco: Kalopsia  Grand Bi w/ Lights
Postcard Collection: floorplan. postcard collection / vintage christmas
Piano and Rocket: Kalopsia  Vintage Toys Set  Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Big Boxes of Ornamenrs: Fiasco Decorating For Christmas(150L only)
Small Box of Ornaments: dust bunny . box of ornaments 1
Easel: tarte. upcycled easel lights (dark wood)

Frame: Chez Moi Chanukah Frame w Stings On the MP
Presetns: Kalopsia  Pile of Gifts Tannenbaum Holiday Market

Hanukkah Boxes: Chez Moi Hanukkah Boxes
Tree: Botanical Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Lights on Tree and Ornaments: The Loft - Monochrome Christmas Gacha Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Cat Ornament: MishMish - Kitty in a box - Pastel Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Bar in the other room: Zerkalo The Piano Bar - Dark Set
House: dust bunny . willow farmhouse Collabor 88