In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. Terry Pratchett

Skin: VCO Vivi's makeup Recipe No.11 The Arcade
Eyes: VCO Vivi's Lens The Arcade
Hair: Tableau Vivant Tia - Vivids+Pastels The Arcade
Ears: Sweet Thing. Kitten Fatpack Ears RARE
Bag: Mon Cheri Boho Fringe Bag #2 Rose Suede The Arcade
Outfit: Cheeky Amour Rabbie NEW
Pose: Ma Vie. - I s---t rainbows 08

Advertising Column and Pose: 8F8 Green Grocers -  Advertising Column RARE The Arcade
Newspaper with Pigeon and Hat: Consignment Summer in the Park - Pigeon Lady The Arcade
White Peacock and Stand: anc ltd. Hatsuyume / white peacock PET RARE The Arcade
Cobblestones: Apple Fall Notting Hill Cobblestone
Flowers: Little Branch WhiteFlowers2
Tree Guard: Botanical Street Tree Guard (Round)
Trees: Hayabusa Design Populus Serotina Peuplier Hydra Mstd5 v1-1 T1 NEW

In the backgound
Bower: Soy. OSC- DEN BASE The Arcade
Chair: tarte. folding chair (blue)
Watermelon Basket: 8F8 Green Grocers - Watermelon Set The Arcade
Market Cart: 8F8 Green Grocers -  Market Cart Stand The Arcade
Chair: tarte. folding chair (blue)
Fence: Lark - Rainy Day Fence
Wall: Botanical Wrought Iron and Brick Fence