Je suis person!

Written in Pencil in the Sealed Railway Car

Here in this carload
I, Eve,
with my son Abel.
If you see my older boy,
Cain, the son of man,
tell him that I...

70 years ago the largest Nazi death camp Auschwitz was liberated. My grandmother wasn't a prisoner in Auschwitz nor was she in any camp. She was 4 years old when her whole family was burned to death in the village where she grew up. They were a family of 13 children. 3 survived. My grandmother ran to the woods with her brother and was surviving thanks to the Partisans, some good Christians and what she calls a guiding invisible hand.

A picture was published today on Flickr. An sl picture of Hitler having his way with a young woman SS officer in what can be seen as rape (as is for me). The photographer say it was made for a client. Soldiers were just following orders... 

One can yell Je suis Charlie. I am yelling Je suis person. I am human. I am hurt, offended, disgust and ashamed to see that people I was following on flickr, some of them representing famous creators on sl actually liked this picture and publicly stared it. Shame on this photographer, his models, the designers of the outfits and avis and shame on all those who faved that picture.

Luggege 1: Apple Fall Worn Luggage Bag
Luggege 1: Apple Fall Monogram Luggage Bag
Picture Frames: Dust Bunny  vintage frames
Location: Deraild