No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man. Heraclitus

Location: Neva River Sim

Well, as promised, I'm writing to you today about another brilliant location of Neva. Last time I wrote that I don't know Neva personally. Well, today I changed a bit. I tped to Neva River Sim about an hour or two ago and I saw Neva herself on the beach working on ther beautiful piece of art. I took a deep breath and showed her what I wrote about Neva Sky Vill. Told her what a big fan I am. I was told by a dance teacher that changed my prospective on Blues dancing to always tell a person that changed something for the best, that he did. So I did. Neva was so happy to read what I wrote about her work and made my day by accepting me as a photographer on her beautiful sims. I remember the first pictures I ever took at Neva Sky Vill. It was before I even started learning to take pictures. 

So... About Neva River Sim. A beautify gloomy cold beach resort with the same atmosphere you look when you arrive at a Neva sim. The cloudy sky allows you to sit on a bench and deep your head in a nice book. Again with the great jazz music in the background and the sounds of the see. I bet that if it was possible, Neva would have made us smell the salty air at the beach.

All the Neva sims has residential areas. Ate Neva sky vill it's the other side of the river crossing the sim. At Neva River sim the residential areas are this beautiful private homes all around the sim. Those areas are off limits. The residents privacy is an important rule for Neva and the residents keep their houses to fit with the beautiful atmosphere. Don't miss out on this wonderful place. It's so interesting on constantly changing during the season as well as when seasons change. See that deck on the view on the lower picture.. It was taken today. It's now look completely different. Enjoy *smiles*