A garden must combine the poetic and he mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy. Luis Barragan

Location: Seni Seviyorum

This place has changed a lot since I started coming here. The wl, the plants. When I first started coming here is was a purple soft light, soothing with a long beach stretching side to side and a little island with a house and a nice garden. Then after a while it was a pier with a little bridge and a boat. The beach was the same, but the wl was much brighter and sandy coloured. Not it's a wl combining light blues and turquoise with brown and it's lovely. I made a nice set of pictures here a little more than a month ago. I was upset and this set gave birth to a short story I wrote to go along with it. So for me this place is a little inspiration. A sweet place. It's very small and yet have so much to offer. Enjoy. *smiles*