Avatar: The movie

Dolls: Birch Cheap Blow Up Dolls @ Kinky Event
Gazebo: Chez Moi Delightful Gazebo & Sofa @ Cosmopolitan
Fence: UnKindness Victorian Fence Set Brown @ Rally to Rescue
Grass: we're CLOSED grass field lush
Trees: Panavia Conifer Tree "Picea"
They stood in the sunset. It was always their favourite Windlight. She gazed into the inside of his head as he was adjusting his pose “I still remember how we met, feels like yesterday” she typed and added *giggles*. He muttered to himself as he was now trying to bring his avatar back from where he now tped himself to for no reason “yes, 3 days went so fast”. It was true love to last a week at least.

A designer that gave me a chance as I was only starting and has always been a good friend to me, kind, sweet and above all real, made me smile again when sending his items for Rally to Rescue. Jamie, you're something else and don't ever change.

Rally to Rescue will be running starting today March 1st to March 20th. 100% proceeds donation event for all items. Here is a quote from the event managers themselves as to what this event is about: 

"We have chosen to be a voice for Pit Bulls and their persecution, but we believe it is our moral responsibility to protect and improve the lives of ALL abused, abandoned, and homeless animals. Rescues are often these animals, last and only hope.

This is our third event raising money for real life rescue animals. In July 2016 we raised $1600 that was split between two hard working, life saving rescues. One in New York and the other in Missouri. The payouts to these rescues can always be viewed on our sim, along with the previous years. All of our collected donations went directly for the care of animals at non-profit, no-kill, volunteer rescue organizations."