We'll be counting stars

Day bed and Tree with String lights and Grass: Bee Designs Corina Garden Bed @ The cosmopolitan 
Log with Rocks: Roawenwood Fallen Tree Hangout Spot Set SLBD13 Gift The Fantasy Collective 
Campfire: [ zerkalo ] Bedouin Campfire We <3 RP 
Crates: .:revival:. wood crates SLBD13 Gift TMD
Camper: Consignment The Cuddle Camper - Deep @ The Arcade
Car: Vespertine-travellers car/sky
Tress:  The Little Branch FlamesMapleCluster{AllSeasons}
Tress:  The Little Branch Bradford.Cluster{4Seasons}

This beautiful day bed by Bee Designs  can be found in the next round of The cosmopolitan. In order to make this little forest corner, I unlinked a copy of the day bed and used the trees and the greass to fill the scene.


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