Seems like we ARE the Christmas tree

Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica w/ Belleza Keira Catwa Applier Sun Kissed
Eyes: IKON Odyssey Eyes - Moor
Hair: ARGRACE Santa Hat

Skin: Pink Fuel Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes - Cornflower
Hair: Magika Darkness Falls

Both of us are wearing Conni's Creation!
Cheeky Amour wrapped up Merry Christmas

It's not happening on an every day basis that you meet a person in sl that steals your heart. Conni and I started our friendship on a simple thing in common... COFFEE. This is not a regular friendship. It's protection, it's warmth, it's a crazy rude you better be careful sense of humour. I wouldn't give that up for the world. In the bit over a year and Conni and I been friends, we actually been through quite a lot.

Life, death, happiness, pain, rage and calm (calm is a word I'm using while saying that everything's relative) and a lot of laughter. I won't give that up for anything. 

Conni, you're on that list, that list that say, one day we will sit for coffee and it won't be by sending pics of your coffee to each other... It will be with raising our cup of coffee saying cheers!

[03:01] Đεℒűşiøℕαℒ Ƈűƥɕåƙę (contempsit): shall i put up a christmas tree?
[03:01] Bambi Foxdale (norahbrent): Seems like we ARE the Christmas tree lol
[03:02] Đεℒűşiøℕαℒ Ƈűƥɕåƙę (contempsit) sticks out her tongue