We are stardust we are golden

Small Lamps: tarte. bedside rope light Fameshed
Big  hanging Lamp: Sway's  [Victoria] hanging Lamp (c) @ The Fantasy Gacha
Knitted Frame, Whool Balls, Knitted Chair: Kalopsia Knitted Set @ Kustom 9
Table and Couch: Fiasco Tiffany Set (Light) LTD Event
Coocoo, Rug, Log Christmas Tree, Log Stool: N4RS Poor Man Xmas LTD Event
Log Candles, Bench: Brixley Items for LTD @ LTD Event
Deco Birds: Vespertine rocking birds for 50L Friday
Tray with Goodies: What next Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray (Pumpkin Everything) @ Collabor 88
House: dust bunny . willow farmhouse @ Collabor 88

Went to bed at 5:30. Till the headlines were changed from 100 hostages to 100 dead.
Hostages... That word was was holding some hope in it. Though knowing it was merely a formality or a way for the press to express hope for the lives of over a 100 people women, men and children, I guess I was hoping too.
Je suis un humain