Rumor Has It

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Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica w/ The Skinnery Sienna @ Collabor 88
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes - Quicksilver
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\  Mood hair @ Collabor 88
Coat: United Colors shop fall coat women@ Collabor 88
Boots: ISON - leather knee boots @ Collabor 88
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On my kinda last vent I was talking about those that see sl as a game and those that see it as a social platform with real people. All these vents are coming from weeks of discussions with Mia on the subject of cheating on your rl with being with someone in sl. It resulted her writing her brilliant post about the subject and making this discussion public and with moving the wheels in my head to that game/social media vent.

Still pumped by it and by remarks made lately I hereby present a new vent… (longer, I apologize, I really do)

There are again groups I can divide this new vent into…
  1. Those that are sharing the fact they are on sl with their rl world. Their spouses, kids, dogs etc. That includes sharing the fact they have relationships on sl.
  2. Those that share the fact they are on sl, but not all of it. Not telling spouses for example about an sl relationship. As a long lost friend once told me: “I tell what I can, I don’t tell what I can’t”. I’m on that group by the way.
  3. Those that hide the fact they are on sl from their rl.

I think groups 2 and 3 are the most common on sl.
Do I think one is better than the other? I don’t know. ALL groups have good things about it and bad. ALL groups think their way is the best one and ALL groups are right!

“Judge lest thee be judged”.

We are all in sl for OUR OWN reasons and we all deal with our real life with OUR OWN way.

I know that I can’t hide the way Mia or Harry make me laugh for example. So my husband recognizes my laugh when I talk to them. I know that when Val and I were talking on voice about how men become babies when having the flu was funny and my husband actually took part in that talk. I tell what I can I don’t tell what I can’t.

I know that people on group 3 usually don’t share sl because they know (like most of us do) that people that don’t go on sl, can’t understand it and might even be hurt by it. I know it becsue I was on that group for the first few months of my sl. Whether there is a relationship on the grid or not, it doesn’t matter. “Why do you need a second life?” “Isn’t the people there are mostly sick and miserable?” “Am I not enough for you?” “Are you not happy?” Haven’t we all heard those questions? Haven’t we ALL asked ourselves those exact questions when we first logged in? I know I have.

I also know that group 1 has its positive and negative aspects that I won’t state here because it is NOT MY PLACE. I never been on that group so WHO AM I to judge?

Yes this is a vent. Yes it might be personal and the people around the block could here my typing over the construction sight noise…. But we all do that little sin… We all judge left and right. But on that matter… Let’s all just stop. Each of us has his/her own reasons.