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Stump with Balloons, BBQ Grill and Table, Grocery Bag, Mince Pie Box: CHEZ MOI Part of Garden Picnic Set
Empty Stump Pillowed Stump and Pillowed Log, Cofee Tin mugs and Pot: Sway's Walden Campfire Set @ Uber
Trees with Scooter: CHEZ MOI Sweet Scape Tree
Trees: Grotto Cavern Landscaping 1 Prim Mesh Pine by Felix copy/mody
Wine Case: *YS&YS* La Cantina The Boxes of the Gacha Items
Rest of the Picnic Items in the Picture: Zerkalo Summer Day - Fatpack - Natural FaMESHed
Hammock: Cheeky Pea Boho Dreamtime Hammock w/stand
Wall: Botanical Wrought Iron and Brick Fence