Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. Anton Chekhov

Curtain: Cheeky Pea Delilah Earth Sheer Curtain
 Chandelier: Kaerri Yellow Rose Cage Chandelier
Hanging Lamp: The Loft - Mora Pendant Light Gold Medium 
Easel: Apple Fall Photographers' Easel @ Liaison Collaborative
Guitar and stool with Hat: Apple Fall Martins' Busker Guitar @ Liaison Collaborative
Banners: HAIKEI look through the window gacha {5} @ Kustom9
 Chairs: HAIKEI look through the window gacha {3} @ Kustom9
Clothines on the Floor: HAIKEI look through the window gacha {4} @ Kustom9
Flowers on the Table: HAIKEI look through the window gacha {1} @ Kustom9
Table: Irrie's Dollhouse Vintage Spring Floral Table
Magaines: HAIKEI look through the window gacha {2} @ Kustom9
Magazine Shelf: HIDEKI Magazine Shelf
Pallet: HAIKEI My vintage art studio / Gacha {7}
Table on the right: HAIKEI  My vintage art studio / Gacha {1}
Drawrs on the left: HAIKEI  My vintage art studio / Gacha {8}
Stools: HAIKEI  My vintage art studio / Gacha {2}
Painting: Apple Fall New Arrival Painting
Newspaper: Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
Drinks and cup on a Tray: Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
Carpet: We're CLOSED fur carpet cream
House: Scarlet Creative Country Keep Prefab 


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