Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. Marilyn Monroe

Skin: Pink Fule Renee <Peach> - Pure 
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes -  Fjord 
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Malibu -  reds for Uber
Jacket: DuckNipple Mesh Colbert  w Hud
Jeans: coldLogic jeans - peck.04
Pose and location: KirinPoses Gift 1

Let me tell you about Tal. Tal was my insperation from moment one. The first time we spoke was on a confrence chat with more people and she shared with us what she do. She workdd with chilsdren with special needs. A subject that is near to my heart in rl and from that moment I knew will be great friends. She is one of the first people on this crazy grid, I'm proud to call friend. Why am I telling you all this?

Well, Tal is one of the most successful fashion bloggers on the grid. I started my interest in photography following her blog and exploring through the locations she was taking pictures of her outfits at. In a rough time on sl I turned to her and asked her to teach me how to take pictures. 2,762 picture after that (not counting ads, weddings and profile pictures..), well... She created a monster.

I follow Tal's blog every day.. Every post I make is coming in a way from her. For example: The hair I'm wearing was posted yesterday by her. The jeans I'm wearing.. She sent me to the sale.. The jacket... She knew I'll love that shop.. My IKON eyes... Tal... And finally, this location....

KirinPoses shop is located in a beautiful sim along side 4 other shops. I first got to know that sim around Christmas. Tal sent me to a hunt that was places all over the sim with amazing gift. My first set of poses came from that hunt from Kirin. The sim was a winter wonderland with this beautiful Cafe I'm standing in, in this picture and all in a soft snowy feel to it. I came there often after the hunt was over during the year and they kept it wintry and I loved it. 

I was in the mood for some snow and tped there earlier. Well first thing I saw what awesome pack of 4 poses as a gift at the shop. Welcoming already just as I remembered. No more snow as you see, but still soft, welcoming and beautiful. A lot of trees and stunning views. Its can take over and hour just to cover one part of the sim (not to mention.. who can resist the shopping opportunity?). It's nice, romantic, soft like a warm snuggle on a wintry Saturday in. tp there, give it a try. You'll love it!

Tal's Blog is on the left on my reading list. Tal, thank you for being a guide, a teacher and my loco friend *grins*