A time to say thank you

Bench, Miror and Sieve: Serenity Style Life Stories @ "The Book of Daniel"
Dragonfly Deco: Serenity Style Wooden ButterDragon Fence RARE
Basket and Cherry Bawl: Serenity Style Life is Wonderful Gacha
Apple Basket, Table, Vessels and Cupboard on the Right: Serenity Style Country Val Gacha
Tray: Serenity Style Serenity Style-New Air Gacha
Yummy Pies and Cook Book: {what next} Country Kitchen Apple Pie/Blackberry Pie Collabor 88
Shelf: Apple Fall Neva's Kitchen Shelf RARE
Towel, Counter, Bawls, Eggs and Coffee Grinder: : Serenity Style Neva's Inspiration . Gacha Shiny Shabby Open today
Rolling pins: Apple Fall Rolling Pins Assorted @ FaMESHed
Dough Rolled and Dought Ball: unKindness Giovani's Pizza Dough Rolled inworls shope will be open soon
Window Bench: Apple Fall Neva's Sideboard
Fresh Bread: Apple Fall Sourbread Loaf in Tin @ FaMESHed
Kettle: dust bunny . amy's kettle
House: NOMAD// Forest Retreat // Green Collabor 88

I noticed something quite cool. I reached the 2k mark on the followers on my Flickr. That means I must be doing something right and I really want to say thank you for liking, commenting, awarding and following my pictures. I'm very happy that my little obessession turned into this. Thank you I  highly apperciate it.



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